The Trainer in My Pocket Program:

We are so excited to offer this program! Quite simply this is a subscription to our interactive Facebook group. This is how it works, Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Kryss will post a lesson for you and your horse. These will be video lessons in which you can comment, message ask questions! The posts will not exist publicly nor on our business page. These lessons will only be available to you with your subscription.

Kryss will also share nutrition tips, lameness care tips, and much, much, more! Remember we are a full service Equine Sports Injury Rehabilitation Center as well! With your subscription you can also post to the group videos of problems your having and Kryss will answer you with HELP!!! Now please remember Kryss has a full schedule and may not answer you till the next day but we will help you! AFTER YOU HAVE SUBSCRIBED YOU NEED TO GO TO THIS LINK AND REQUEST ENTRY TO THE GROUP