Cows 101 Dec 7th Or 8th Rochester, WA

Cows 101 Dec 7th Or 8th Rochester, WA


One of the worst places to introduce your horses to cattle is at a public team penning or sorting. Most don't realize that because you are rushed (time limit for your time in the pen) that its the fastest way to make your horse a loser and afraid of the job. Ear penning, kicking, biting and striking at the cattle are not signs of a horse that likes cattle, it is actually your horse defending itself because its afraid.

In this comprehensive clinic Kryss will teach you the fundamentals of working cattle in a quiet, safe and fun environment. Most of all teaching your horse to be a confident cow horse.

Limited to 7 riders per day Same clinic both days you just choose which day you would like to attend.

Please bring your lunch Cost per rider is $125.00 and is to be pre paid on the website

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