Cowgirl University! July 19 - 21, 2019 Rochester WA

Cowgirl University! July 19 - 21, 2019 Rochester WA

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We are so excited to have this 2 day all inclusive cowgirl university! This school promises to be jam packed with fun, and education! We will make you stronger, faster and more confident! We have the technology! Ladies will draw for teams, after each lesson we will play a game that incorporates the lesson. Our cowgirls will compete for prizes and the Golden Horseshoe award!


* Are you tough enough? Horsemanship class

* Turn arounds, Stops, Transitions

* Rider bio your body doing the driving or your hands?

We will also incorporate many drills and games to sharpen your skills, there will be very LITTLE sitting around!


* Cows, Cows, and More Cows!!!

* holding and boxing

*Control that cow!! How to move a cow with out the help of the wall in the open areas of the arena

* Down the Fence!!
Kryss has a unique way of teaching you to go down the fence with your cow and stay confident and in control

All meals are included in your weekend and will be provided

Stalls and bedding included (you are welcome to come in Friday night there are no camping fees.. ***there are no hookups)

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