Continuity In Horsemanship Clinic July 14, 2019

Continuity In Horsemanship Clinic July 14, 2019


This clinic is specially designed to help you create a fluid connection with your horse.

Kryss Helfrich will teach you how to use your body language to communicate with your horse from both the ground and the saddle. You will also learn the subtle language your horse gives you that most riders are oblivious to. Learn to ask without cues!

If you have repetitively been injured by your horse, other riders can ride your horse better than you, you have issues with control and spooking, or you are fearful this clinic is for you!

The cost of this clinic is $200 per rider and is open to 10 riders. A healthy lunch is provided. This clinic has extended hours.. We will start early and go very long. Please arrive by 7:30 you will need a bucket for water and hay net. You will not need warm up time it will be provided during the clinic as the warm up is part of the training.

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