2019 Retired Racehorse Project Competitor He’s Gatsby



October 2nd thru October 6th 2019

Taking Place at the stunning Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. He’s Gatsby will have his chance to compete against over 400 other Off Track Thoroughbreds for the title of “America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred”. Gatsby will be competing in the Ranch Work class and the Competitive Trail competition.

The Retired Racehorse Project (R.R.P.) is a training challenge, trainers must apply and be accepted and then are given 10 months to take a horse with no other exposure to any discipline other than racing and retrain for a new discipline. Contestants are able to choose up to two disciplines to compete in. Horses come from all over the United States, and Canada to compete at the challenge.

Thru this fantastic challenge we are giving the world a new view as to the vast possibilities of the usability of the Dynamic Off The Track Thoroughbred.


Each horse is given their chance to shine in the preliminary competition, placing in the top 10 is a huge honor but, if….just if, they place in the top 5 they are sent to the finale. In the finale they will compete in a much more complex version of their discipline. The horse that wins first place is sent to the voting pool.

The title of “Americas Most Wanted Thoroughbred” Is then put to a public vote. The horses are brought in and a period of voting takes place. JUST THE TOP 10 horses & ONLY the 1st place horses from each discipline. The “King” is crowned when the votes are tabulated. Votes are taken by text vote of the public so stay updated!

Who Is Gatsby?

Gatsby is a 2014 Bay Gelding, He originally came for Gil and Wil’s Stud Farm in Canada, He gave an honest career for his Owners earning $24,974.00 at Hastings Race Track in Vancouver BC. With an average earnings per start of $1,086.00 per start. Gatsby was brought to Portland Meadows of Portland, Oregon in September of 2018 to try his hand in the United States. Sadly his final race was on 10/16/18 when he bowed a tendon during the race. Practical Horsemanship Training and Rehab Services was contacted. We originally took Gatsby to rehab and resell. However during his rehab time his amazing attitude and can do nature worked his way into our hearts and showed us that the search for this years RRP star was over. Gatsby has a tremendous attitude that is un-surpassed. He recovered from his injury with zero limitations and continues to show us that nothing is going to stop him from being successful every day! Gatsby shows talent in every facet of a using horse. While we know that he would do well as your typical English discipline horse, he has virtual well of talent that screams versatility horse. From the daily demands of a using ranch horse to his awe inspiring movement and ability to perform the even most complex maneuvers. He is reliable and safe, bold, confident and a pleasure to use. From back country to show ring you can count on Gatsby to deliver the performance of a lifetime.



Training for The RRP and Gatsby’s Trainer

10 months is not a long time to create a master piece. Trainers may start riding their horses in December of the year previous the Makeover. Gatsby has spent every minute possible traveling the great northwest in preparation for the Makeover. He has over 400 miles of back country work in the great Cascade Mountain Range and the Coastal Range of Washington. But also he has traveled the Pacific Northwest competing in trail competitions, ranch horse competitions, and even participated in the St. Paul Rodeo Kick off trail ride that consists of 400+ riders on a 9 mile ride first in a parade down Main Street and then thru the hops farms of the area. Gatsby has spent time on the beach, hours working man made and natural obstacles at home. And many, many weeks working the Organic Dairy at Johnsons’ South Sound Equestrian center located in Rochester, Washington. In every facet of being a "Well Rounded Broke Horse” Gatsby has proven himself time and time again.

His Trainer Kryss Helfrich specializes in retraining OTTB’s for new purposes. But is also a veteran of creating the versatile using horse. Their relationship thru this time period has grown to that of a partnership of utter understanding. Gatsby has even been working as her demo horse at clinics and lead horse for her summer ranch horse programs. To complete Gatsby’s Training before the Makeover Kryss uses the trip to Kentucky from Oregon to put on the finishing touches. Strategically planning her layovers at horse camps thru the mid-west, where her and Gatsby will explore the wilderness.


When The Makeover Challenge is Over…..Gatsby will be offered for sale at the Makeover, horses are cataloged and given special green numbers to allow perspective buyers to identify them. Horses are however sold thru private treaty..

To see Gatsby’s Makeover Marketplace Advertisement go here!


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